Gemma Lawrence

Gemma was born in 1982 and daughter to a safari guide, was brought up as a barefooted bush ‘toto’ in Kenya. She was sent to boarding school in the United Kingdomat an ealry age, hardening her up for the real world. She competed to a high level in hockey throughout school and university fuelling her competitive and team spirit.


Gemma gained numerous geographical skills during her Geography BSc course at Edinburgh University (including colouring in maps!).

She is married to Neil McRae, and they live in Kenya with a 7 month old daughter, Marina. Gemmas husband, her father-in-law, Ian McRae, sister-in-law, Dawn and mother-in-law, Chris all competed in the Rhino Charge and have over 40 ‘Charges’ between them.  Ian is a professional mechanic and he spends many generous hours tinkering with the Rhino Rouge Car No 17. Gemma hopes that some of his vehicle mechanic skills have rubbed off on her!

Gemma is an avid campaigner for womens cancer awareness. A few months before the Rhino charge event in 2005, she had to withdraw from the event to undergo surgery for a cancerous tumour followed by chemotherapy. Cancer awareness, particularly in this part of the world is minimal.

Professionally, she is the CEO of Langata Link Ltd. a service based business with an office complex, providing 28 offices for rental, a leading estate agent in Kenya, a travel agency, and host of the largest portfolio of private holiday homes for rent in Kenya.

Gemma also started her own company in 2005, Kenya Kanga Collection, making clothes and accessories out of traditional Kenyan Kanga material for both local and export markets.

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