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Course Checkpoints 2016

Course Checkpoints 2016

May 10th, 2016

13 course checkpoints will be visited by the team over the course of the days charge. These 13 have to be visited in any order in the short distance between 07:30 and 19:00. Course checkpoint locations will be posted here shortly before the race on the 29th, Sunday evening Kenya time subject to availability of Internet at the venue. Please check back here then and follow our progress the day of the race! Use the link on the front page of this website again pasted below; How to follow car on Spider Track[...]

Tanya Carr-Hartley

Captain and Driver

Tanya was born in Kenya in 1971, and educated in Kenya until the age of 16 when she went on to complete her studies at Exeter University in Fine art and English.

Tanya then returned to Kenya after her studies to work for various art galleries and then on a private ranch where, with her husband, they turned their creative skills into building.

They have since built many private homes and lodges together, including their own.

In the last 7 years they set up their own safari company The Specialised Safari Company. They run hi-end exclusive safaris, taking clients to remote and extraordinary places in East Africa, providing their visitors an opportunity see the wildlife first hand and to experience life in the bush. They now have a young family, Sala, Tisa, and Kinna, whose lives will no be full of variety and excitement. 

Through their company Tamimi, they run the following camps and lodges- Giraffe Manor, Sandarusi, Sala’s Camp and Sasaab.
Tanya is passionate about Kenya, its wildlife, cultures, and the enormous diversity that it has offered her throughout her life. The Rhino Charge is for me an opportunity to raise awareness and support for an ecosystem that will ensure that it is here for the future.

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