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We are carrying in the car a small tracking device that will enable you to log into this page and see the position of our car. 

dot.jpgWhen you land on the Delorme shared tracking page you willl find a red dot which is Rhino Rouge Car 17 and it has a + sign by it which you can click and zoom in closer to find the current track. You can select Aerial view to get the satellite image and to better see the terrain we are driving in. For some reason the track does not work if you are using Chrome as your web browser. Please try an alternative such as Safari or Internet Explorer instead or you will be impressed at the order that we are doing our checkpoints in that day.

There is also a Locate button to the top left of the shared page that should show you the latest position of the car so please do click this on June 2nd if you want to see how we are doing. It would also be helpful to select the correct date so that you dont get all the peculiar practice tracks!


If we are stuck in one position for a long time it will mean either that the tracking device has fallen off the car or that we have been unable to proceed due to some tricky situation! We hope that you will see a good track through all 13 check points over the course of the 10 hours. We hope to be able to put up a map on the day in a separate blog post that will show the positions of the checkpoints once we have plotted them the evening before the charge. 

We shall keep you posted! 

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