Rhino Rouge Reserves 2017 Report

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    IMG_3235 The 2017 event was in Marsabit, quite far north and a difficult course to complete. Car 17 competed in 2017 with the Rhino Rouge Reserves. A final report from the day is here; Dear All supporter and sponsors of Car 17 team Rhino Rouge, Firstly just to say that the Rhino Charge venue this year had zero phone or internet signal so sorry for the radio silence. Secondly, please find attached a few picture of the event . . and we shall send more when we collate all the GoPro, camera’s and phone footage. Now . . how did we do? Well it’s a tale of two halves . . . . . We started the charge day at guard post Tangerine and made it down the first steep drop of the day down to Hardi a bit slower than hoped but still in good time. We turned around and proceeded up the same climb which was about the limit of the car, team and its equipment taking a full further 3 hours to get to the second checkpoint. See the images on the attached for the type of terrain we are dealing with. You will see that we had to move some pretty big boulders by hand and also using the cars winch! It was great fun and a massive challenged to go down and up such a slope in that fantastic little bullet proof car! Now we were late with only half the time to go and 10 more check points to visit so we went around some roads to try and catch up on time, but at every check point we got to we could see that the terrain was horrendous and there was no way we could straight line in our unmodified 1979 Toyota Landcruiser. At the gauntlet which is usually the most exciting spectator stage many cars had rolled, failed, got stuck and spent hours in there. Our car would not have made, clearly the organisers had other cars in mind when they designed the course! Therefore our planned route of 35km turned into a massive 107km drive around the bush! In the end we visited all 12 check points but failed to get back to our start position and the final 13th! This WOULD as it turned out have been good enough for 3rd overall . . . this is mainly because all of the bigger and tougher cars were mostly all stuck in thick bush and deep crevasses! However, the organisers adjudged that we had exceeded the 40kph speed limit to get to our last point and deducted 3 checkpoints from our total dropping us to 19th overall . . . still better than last year but a huge disappointment for us. A disappointing penalty for what amounted to just over 6 minutes speeding out of a total 10 hours charging! Anyway, the Rhino Rouge Reserves, ably assisted by Louise from the real team, are still learning and will be back to get that top 10 spot we are capable of. This year’s lesson; read the rules to the end! There are loads of general event photos at; https://www.facebook.com/pg/RhinoChargeKenya/photos/?tab=album&album_id=905694029569052 And also loads of posted and links at: https://www.facebook.com/RhinoChargeKenya/ Also attached is the Google Earth tracks you can import and see where the event was and where we drove.

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