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 A further post with more images will follow. In the mean time here is a first summary of the route and where we got to.

Some 84.6 million shillings (more than a million US dollars) in total were raised at this years Rhino Charge event- See the press release about this years event here

We made it through to five of the thirteen check points before we got ourselves into a tricky situation. This was probably the toughest charge we have done. We worked extremely hard and very well as a team and it was an excing day for us all. We were on track for a good position until we decided to do the Tiger line Hardy to XL (2.5 km) rather than drive the road around km) and found ourselves stuck on the edge of a very nasty slope inching ourselves forward for two hours) You can see the thirteen check points in the image below. We started at BrookHouse (BHSE). 

Our route plan was as follows; 

BHSE to Vineyard Church to Greensteads to Crafts to Satao to Hardy to XL (We got stuck on this leg). We had then planned to go to Pies, Aon, Copy Cat and then do the Gauntlet combination (KWS, INNS, ROB) before heading back to BHSE to finish. 


Below is a close up view of the ridge going down from Hardy to XL leg. Only 7 cars managed to get through this section, Four of them rolled and of the three that made it through one took 4 and a half hours of careful winching, Car 64 came down quite out of control and the third backwards on a winch and on ropes.


At about 345pm we were handed a note by a Samburu herder who had been sent to find us. We had already decided to secure the car and call it a day. 


We would neve have made it. We walked down the hill to XL having secured the car with the winch cable to a tree (position marked in green on above map) and left it at an extraordinary angle. We had climbed some 100 meters or so up the very steep and slippery slope using the winch and long tow rope secured to quite small and often worryingly shallow rooted trees. Walking down the ridge to XL we were quite stunned at what we would have got ourselves into had we gone on any further. 


An exciting often nerve wracking and exhausting day, but we returned safe and sound to the kids back at camp who had spend 6 hours waiting for us to appear at XL and they never saw us!

Thank you for all your support. We will post more images and video and stories in due course. 


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